Conference Dynamical Systems, Difference and Functional Equations

DSDFE 2018: 4‑8 June 2018, Krynica‑Zdrój, Poland

The international conference

Dynamical Systems, Difference and Functional Equations.
In honor of Marek C. Zdun's 70th birthday

took place from Monday, 4 June 2018 to Friday, 8 June 2018 at the hotel Pegaz in Krynica‑Zdrój in the south of Poland. Its 66 participants came from 20 countries: Austria, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Tunisia, UK, Ukraine, USA and Poland.

DSDFE 2018

The conference (DSDFE 2018) was organized by the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of AGH University of Science and Technology. Its topics included discrete dynamical systems, difference equations, functional equations and inequalities as well as their interactions and applications. The scientific programme of DSDFE 2018 started on Tuesday morning and finished on Thursday afternoon. The meeting was organized in two parallel sessions (with contributed 20-minutes talks), however four plenary lectures (45 minutes each) were also delivered.

DSDFE 2018

During DSDFE 2018 the 70th anniversary of Professor Marek Cezary Zdun was celebrated. To this end, a special session and a banquet were held on Tuesday, 5 June.

The conference was held under the honorary patronage of the International Society of Difference Equations, the Polish Mathematical Society and Juliusz P. Schauder Center for Nonlinear Studies.

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